About Us
We know about data conversions/ data migrations
The staff at Softrac Inc. has been involved in the Report and Imaging
industry since the early 1990's. The knowledge learned from this
exposure and the constant change that is inherent with it provided the
vision to start a company that was totally geared toward filling a need
for data conversions.
2661 W. Roosevelt Blvd.
Suite 109
Monroe, NC  28110
Our Approach (What We Do)

Our staff has the knowledge and tools to deal with converting/migrating
your data. Legacy systems:
Macrofiche data migration - Synergy data migration -Treev data migration
Spoolview data migration - ITI Director data migration - Onbase data
- Recall data migration - IntelliStor migration and
IntellistorQM Plus data migration - Docubase data migration - Filenet
data migration
and many others.

Click the
Supported Formats tab for a complete listing.

We have access to literally hundreds of programs and utilities that were
designed specifically to convert data to standard formats, and to do it
quickly and accurately. Our approach is to provide a sample of
converted data to the customer at no charge. If we can’t convert it then
you don’t pay for anything.

We also offer leasing options for certain conversions that will allow you
to convert your own data. This option ensures that sensitive data never
leaves your facility.