Softrac Inc.
Our business is Data Conversions

Softrac is a data conversion company. We can convert many of the
popular COLD (Report) and image systems such as,
SER Macrofiche
Synergy, Treev, Spoolview, SQN, Btrieve databases, ITI Director,
Onbase, Docubase, Recall, ProAccess, TIMS, StorQM Plus
, IntelliStor &
IntelliStor QM Plus. Click Supported Formats tab for the entire listing.
There is a demo version of the
Macrofiche conversion on the

Data Migration processes:

We convert COLD (Report) data to straight ASCII text files, or .pdf
format, usually stored in dated subdirectories. The files are named
according to the Report name within the legacy database. After
conversion, the data can be loaded into any new COLD package.

We convert image data to TIFF, JPG, or PDF along with a delimited
text file. The text file will have a line for each image that is converted.
Each line will contain the index information/Meta data for the
corresponding image as well as the path to the image. This applies
for check imaging systems and document imaging systems. Once in
a standard image format, the data can be loaded into any new
imaging system.

We can also provide viewers for the ASCII and image data, so that you
don't even have to load the converted data into a new system.

We will convert a small portion of your data for
free! Send us a
sample and we'll convert it at no charge, just to prove we can do what
we say.
PO Box 243
Monroe, NC  28111
  • Secure processing facility
  • Prompt, accurate service
  • 20 years of experience in    
    COLD/Imaging industry
  • Unbeatable pricing
  • Many supported formats
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